One program, which is a two/three year master programme with various course of studies, suitable for any kind of career is, theMaster of Computer Application (MCA).
MCA comprises of four divisions :
First, a large number of IT companies are diverting their choice from BE graduates to MCA, because they claim that, MCAs are capable of doing the most kind of jobs that BE graduates have been doing so far. A significant point is, there are a lot of opportunities and demand in the IT industry specifically for MCA’s, who will be sharing the work along with Engineering graduates on the same projects.
This point also gives an impression that, MCA are more reliable for the jobs they have been recruited for. The Companies will start recruiting MCA freshers as soon as they step into their fifth semester.
Second, if you have an inclination towards Computers, you will have a lot of fun time which can fulfil your desires in three years. Third, a few core subjects coupled with a few certificate courses, delivers a lot of skills to elevate your interests in developing gaming software and animation. Such specialised certificate courses come handy to a MCA student over other non-IT degree student.
Fourth, if you are looking for a descent job in software industry immediately after the MCA degree, you require developing that extra bit of programming skills. That can lead you to jobs like software developer, software test engineer etc. Further, you can also find jobs like Technical support engineer, Technical Writer, Web Designer, Software Sales Engineer and many more.
At SDK Classes we provide required study materials and technical aspects to students according their university requirements in within their semester time frame.